Some Useful ways to check the purity of Essential Oils

Some Useful ways to check the purity of Essential Oils

Modified: 30th Nov 2020 ; By: Team Aromapedia
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We all use essential oils in our daily life but have you ever wondered the oils are authentic or not so today we will tell you some important points that you have to look for while planning to purchase your favorite essential oil.

  • The oil should be packed in a glass container: Essential oils are supposed to be of good quality. If they are packed in glass bottles as the glass helps in preserving the original quality of the essential oil.

For a longer time, if the essential oil is being sold in a plastic container you must refrain from buying that as there are chances of plastic contamination.

  • Look for the method of oil extraction: The method used in the extraction of oil should be mentioned on the label if the method of extraction of essential oil is not mentioned outside the package you must not buy it.
  • Look for the precautions written on the label: Good essential oils manufacturing brands always mention the precautions column on the bottle so you should always keep an on eye on that.
  • Always check the shelf life of such oils: The shelf life or the date of manufacturing should be mentioned on the outside package or on the bottle label. If it is missing you should not buy such oil.
  • Check for any type of leakage: Always check the cap of the essential oils whenever you are about to buy any essential oil. If there is any type of leakage. Actually there is a trick to catch any leakage, you have to carefully look the outer label if it is stained by oil drops you should drop the idea of buying it.
  • The bottle of the essential oil must have a dropper fitted inside: The bottle containing essential oil should have a dropper fitted on the neck if the dropper or any sort of valve is missing there are increased chances of oil spilling.
  • The glass bottle must be safe from any types of scratches: Always ensure that the glass vial or the container containing the oil should be clean and unbroken also free from scratches.
Some Useful ways to check the purity of Essential Oils

A special trick to find out the originality of your favorite essential oil  

There is a very exciting trick to catch any fake essential oil. There is a simple tissue paper test your essential oil has to go through to prove its originality.

Just follow these simple steps

Step1: take a tissue or piece of a paper and place it on table top.

Step2: take the essential oil you want to test and put its 3-4 drops of your essential oil on the paper/tissue

Step3: leave it for few minutes.


After waiting for few moments check back on the paper/tissue if there is no presence of the oil this means you oil is totally original and natural because the original essential oil tends totally evaporate if left in open. If the paper/tissue has the oil stain that means the essential oil is totally fake. Wasn’t that exiting? So try this trick whenever you buy an essential oil for yourself next time.

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