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Must-Know Winter Hack for Homemade Natural Skincare Moisturizer

Modified: 24th Nov 2020 ; By: Team Aromapedia
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Winters are usually harsh on our skin. It needs some gentle care during these times. The main problem that our body faces are dryness, our skin turns dry and flaky. When we see our skin is getting dry we rush out to buy some overpriced moisturizers to moisturize our skin. Today we are going to tell you some secret hacks that you can use to take care of your skin and that too in a pocket-friendly manner. So continue reading to know some wonderful hacks for the cold season that you can do easily at your house.

Our Skin Starves in Winters

As soon as the cold season arrives the foremost effects of winters appear on our skin especially on our hands, feet and our overall body. White patches appear on our skin and the skin gets dry and flaky. This drying effect is not at all good for your skin it can damage your skin. Excessive dryness of skin cause red patches to appear on your skin that also causes itching effect.

How to know if your skin is dry?

To know that you have dry skin or not you can simply do one thing, you have to scratch your palm lightly with your nails; the appearance of a white line on your hand clearly means that your skin is dry. And it needs to be moisturized. But one thing that we all think is that we need only a branded moisturizer or a body lotion to moisturize our skin, but that is not true, we will tell you how to remove the dryness from your skin in a natural manner with help of carrier oils.

Can carrier oils moisturize your skin?

 Yes, carrier oils like coconut oil and jojoba oils are capable of moisturizing your skin, carrier oils are extracted mainly by cold pressing so they have all the properties of the plant or fruit they are extracted from. The coconut carrier oils, almond carrier oils, and jojoba carrier oils contain a high amount of vitamins and nourishment capabilities that moisturizes the skin. Let’s get to know some hacks to nourish and moisturize our skin.

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Home Made Winter Hacks for Skin Moisturizer:

  1. Home Made Winter Hacks for Skin Moisturizer:

What is Almond Carrier Oil?

Extracted by cold pressing the finest almond kernels to get soft almond nuts, the sweet almond oil is the most widely used Carrier oil that is suitable on almost all types of skins. It is holistic oil that is a part of many essential oils, from soothing your skin and nourishing it with Vitamin A. Almond oil can do a lot more than you think.

Why to apply oil before bath?

To protect your skin from harshness of soaps and body wash. Before going to take a bath apply the almond carrier on your skin, this will protect your skin from soap harshness and as per skin experts also oiling your skin before bathing help in keeping your skin healthy.

How almond oil moisturizes our skin?

carrier oils like coconut oil and jojoba oils are capable of moisturizing your skin. Cold pressed almond oil is loaded with natural nourishing properties and vitamin E. The oil penetrates the moisture into our skin and also helps in locking the moisture into the skin for a longer time.

Why we suggest you to use cold pressed oils?

Cold-pressed oils are perfect for use because they are extracted by cold pressing. They consist of all the good properties and are also more effective because they are extracted without using any heat. So their natural qualities are not destroyed by high temperatures.

  1. Making your own moisturizer at home

Ingredients required

  • 2 tablespoon of Almond carrier oil
  • 2 tablespoon of Aloe-Vera gel
  • 1 tablespoon of Glycerine

How to make?

Making this moisturizer is really simple you need to take an empty bowl and pour 2 tablespoon Almond Oil into it. To strengthen your moisturizer add 2 tablespoon Aloe-Vera gel and 1 tablespoon glycerine and stir it properly and you homemade natural moisturizer is ready.

How to use?

You can apply this moisturizer anytime especially during winters when skin become dry and flaky. Just take it into your palm and rub it uniformly on your skin. Best time to apply this moisturizer is at night as we know that when our body is at rest our skin also recovers or heels itself.

Pro tip for moisturizer users

After making this moisturizer, you have to keep it in two different containers, one container you can keep in your bedroom, and you can keep another container in your kitchen. So that whenever you wash dishes in the kitchen you can use it to moisturize your hands there itself, as you know that the dishwasher soap is very harsh on your skin. After full day of working when you are at your bed about to sleep than you can again apply this moisturizer and go to sleep, you will get excited after seeing the results next morning.

So we are sure that you have known, how important the moisturizer is in your life So stay happy, stay moisturized and don’t forget to share your experiences after making and using this natural moisturizer for yourself.

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