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Benefits & Uses of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Modified: 7th Sep 2020 ; By: Team Aromapedia
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Orange Essential Oil, also known as the “Sweet Orange Oil”. It is an essential oil, derived from the peel of the orange fruit that grows on the Citrus sinensis plant.

Also, orange oil has the ability to naturally enhance immunity. It helps reduce the symptoms of many ailments like treatment of acne, stress, and health concerns.

Moreover, it has many beneficial properties like astringent, anti-inflammatory, cleansing, and antioxidant. Because of these, it is further used in cosmetic ingredients and personal & health-related products.


Moreover, Orange Oil consists of main components that contribute to its benefits.

First, is Limonene is believed to have antioxidant properties, helps in fighting the scars and anti-aging effects that can cause damage to the skin.

Second, β-Myrcene components help in fighting with inflammation and also helps in giving relief from muscular and joints pain.

Orange oil is used in various applications like aromatherapy, body massage, cosmetics, perfumery, and various personal care products, etc.

  • Promotes Healthy & Nourishing Skin:
    Orange Oil helps in promoting healthy and nourishing skin. It helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and scars and improves skin texture.
Nourishing skin
Promotes Healthy & Nourishing Skin:
  • Soothe Skin Inflammation:
    Orange oil has anti-inflammatory properties, that help it in relieving skin inflammation. It reduces swelling and redness that occur as a result of acne breakouts.
  • Promotes Hair Growth & Control’s Hair-fall:
    The orange essential oil has anti-bacterial properties that are known to eliminate bacteria. It helps to reduce dandruff, control hair fall, and reduces the scalp infection.
Control's hair fall
Promotes Hair Growth & Control’s Hair-fall
  • Helps in Controlling skin Acne:
    Orange Oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are good for skin afflicted with acne. It helps to eliminate bacteria, soothe inflammation, reduce pain and swelling related to acne.
  • Used in Diff-users in many places:
    Orange essential oil is known to have a mood uplifting and mood pleasing fragrance. It helps to reduce mental stress, anxiety, and eliminate negative moods.
Used in Diff-users at many places
  • Promotes Better Sleep:
    Orange essential oil is known to induce sleep and enhances sleep quality and balances body hormones. It helps in promoting sound sleep which keeps stress free mind.
  • Provides Relaxing Body massage:
    Orange essential oil works as a muscle relaxant which reduces muscle pain and muscle spasms. Massage using oil can relieve stressed muscles and enhance circulation.
Sleep and Massage
Relaxing Body Massage
  • Used in Aromatherapy Applications:
    The orange essential oil can deodorize the surroundings with its mood uplifting and pleasant aroma. Its re-freshening scent gives a relaxing effect on the body & mind and enhances positivity.
  • Works as a Cleaning agent:
    The orange essential oil works as a cleaning agent because it helps in eliminating harmful germs & microbes and sanitizes the home area. It is also used in cleaning clothes, kitchen, and washroom areas.


Orange Essential Oil has various personal care, beauty, and health-related benefits. Here are some common uses of the Orange Oil performed in one’s day to day life.

For Aromatizing the air:
Orange oil can be diffused in a room by putting it in a diffuser on low heat, helps in energizing the body and aromatize the air.

Relieves Nasal Irritation:
Inhaling the scent of Orange oil also relieves the nasal irritation and eases congestion, headache, and itchiness.

Used for Washing Clothes:
While laundering clothes, add Orange oil in water in a bucket to clean and scent clothing.

Used for moisturizing Skin:
Add a few drops of Orange oil to moisturizing cream and apply on the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and dark spots.

Used for Controlling Skin Acne:
Combined Orange oil with a small amount of Coconut oil and dab a cotton ball to apply on affected areas of acne breakouts.

Used for Relieving Sore Feets:
Soak feet for 10-15 minutes in a mixture of sea salt and orange oil to a bucket of warm water to get relief from swollen feet and ankles.

For controlling Hair Dandruff & Hair fall:
Combine Orange oil and honey and apply for moisturizing the scalp because it helps reducing dandruff & itchiness.

For Reducing Anti-Aging Effects:
Just Combined Orange oil with honey, because it helps reduce dark spots and wrinkles without dehydrating the skin.

Spraying in the home corners:
Add a few drops of orange oil in cleaning spray bottles because it eliminates microbes at the corners because it is a good cleaning agent.

I am glad to share the information related with Orange Essential oil in this blog, for more details you can share your reviews in comment below.

 –Shaily Katiyar

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