Let’s answer some questions on essential oil usage

Let’s answer some questions on Essential oil usage

Modified: 5th Feb 2021 ; By: Team Aromapedia
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Hello everyone, how are you? I hope all is well. Thank you for visiting this site and reading my articles. In my previous write-ups, I dedicated many blogs on essential oil as well as its usage. You can always read it on aromapedia. I always believe it is necessary to have basic understanding of essential oil and its usage. Suppose you don’t know what essential oils are, you might end up using them directly on your body and face. But do you have any idea how foolish it can be? This might land you in big trouble.  

So to save you from any unwanted troubled, in this article I just tried to bring together some frequently asked questions about essential oils usage. So once you are thorough with essential oils, get quickly comfortable with its usage by reading this piece of information. So let us check out the common questions related to essential oil usage and clear all your doubts.

Questions and Answers related to Essential oils usage:

  1. What are the different uses of essential oil?
    Essential oils are very useful in different sectors, let us read more.
    a) Cosmetic sector: Essential oils are very beneficial for skin as well as hair health. This is one reason they are formulated in many skin and hair care products.
    b) Health sector: The chemical compounds found in essential oil offer many health benefits. Some essential oils are ingested to get the benefits. I still recommend do not ingest essential oils without consultation with medical practitioner.
    c) Aromatherapy sector: Essential oil in aromatherapy massage is a common practice which is also result-oriented.
  2. Is it safe to apply undiluted essential oil on skin?
    NO, never commit this stupid mistake. You will surely regret using undiluted oil on skin. It is always advisable to dilute essential oil with carrier oil and always perform patch test to avoid any unwanted allergic reaction.
  3. What are carrier oils?  
    Carrier oils are vast to cover. But in simple words I would say these are vegetable oils which are used for diluting essential oils. You must be familiar with carrier oils like coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil, almond oil etc. These are used to carry essential oils onto skin.
  4. List some carrier oils for essential oil dilution.
    It is completely your choice; you can dilute essential oil according to carrier oil availability and benefits. I would personally recommend trying almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil or grapeseed oil.
  5. What is the ratio of essential oil to carrier oil?
    When diluting essential oil, it is important to follow some guidelines to reach on a proper mixture. For 4% dilution, use four drop of essential oil per teaspoon of carrier oil.
  6. Can I mix essential oil in normal body lotion or cream?
    Yes, you can definitely try that. Adding essential oil in body lotion or face cream can be a part of skin care regime. You just have to make sure that your body is not showing any adverse effect of that oil. Aloe vera gels can also be sometimes used as carrier. Just be careful and add only a drop or two in your lotion.
  7. Is it safe to diffuse essential oil in home?
    Yes, you can diffuse essential oil in home. It is way to enhance ambience of your home or workplace. Even in diffusion, you don’t have to use huge amount of oil and it should only be diffused in well-ventilated area. Diffusers usually come with instructions that you simply have to follow.  
  8. Is it safe to use essential oils around children?
    The answer to this question is NO! See essential oils are natural organic compounds and are concentrated in nature. So it is better to keep them away from kids. Kids are curious creature so you never know how they take it. It is strictly recommended to not use oils on infants under 6 months old.
  9. Is it safe to use essential oils around pregnant and nursing mothers?
    You might find some essential oils are safe to be used around pregnant and nursing mothers whereas some are totally banned. So get good information and consult with your gynecologist for their safe usage. You never know what is good for others is bad for you, so always be on safer side.

I think these are some common questions which generally arise in our mind when dealing with essential oils usage. So this is all about this article. I hope you are satisfied with the answers and if not you can drop your question in comment section. I will surely get back to you.

I hope all the beginners found it easy to understand essential oil usage.  

Thank you for reading.

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